1. Unhealthy Pre-Workout Habits

    Exercise is an essential part of your daily routine, and as such, you want to get the most out of it. Whether you’re exercising to lose weight, build muscle, or you simply enjoy physical activity, it’s important that you are adopting the best practices pre- and post-workout. As your Top Rated Lo…Read More

  2. Seasonal Affective Disorder: What it is and What to do about it?

    It’s that time of year again—a time of cool breezes, colored leaves and holiday preparation. Fall and winter are exciting times… Unless you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). If you struggle with winter depression, this time of year is not filled with joy and anticipation. Instead,…Read More

  3. Understanding Hormone Imbalance

    Do you know what your pituitary gland, thyroid, thymus, adrenal glands and pancreas have in common? They are all endocrine glands, and their jobs are to make hormones. Hormones are chemicals that deliver messages throughout your entire body via the bloodstream. These messages are delivered to your t…Read More

  4. What’s Scarier than Ghosts & Goblins? How about Type 2 Diabetes!

    It’s Halloween, and you know what that means: sugar, sugar, sugar! Beginning in late summer, stores begin taunting and tantalizing us with prominently displayed festive treats conveniently packaged in small, easy to eat servings. By the time the actual holiday rolls around, we’ve been wading thr…Read More

  5. What You Need to Know About Fatigue

    Chances are you have heard of adrenal fatigue, but you may not be quite sure what it is. Understanding this condition is important however, because some experts suggest that 80% of the Western world will be affected by adrenal fatigue at some point in their lives. The adrenal glands are located abov…Read More

  6. Cold and Flu Season is Upon Us: How’s Your Gut Function?

    Fall is here, and that means that cold and flu season has arrived. Have you ever noticed that some people seldom get sick? Or maybe you have wondered why after being exposed to the same virus, one person gets ill while the other remains well. The reason lies in the strength of the immune system. And…Read More

  7. Power Over Habit: Why Mindset Matters

    If you have ever tried to ignore a box of doughnuts at work, you know how hard it is to keep your hands to yourself and walk on by. And once you walk on by, the battle isn’t over. Even if you are in a different room and down the hall, you can’t stop thinking about those doughnuts. Why is it so h…Read More

  8. Spring Cleaning: Time to Throw Out the Excuses

    Other than New Year’s, there is probably no other time during the year that motivates us to make a fresh start like springtime does.  When the warm breezes start blowing, we want to throw open the windows and let the rebirth all around us revitalize our homes and our spirits. Because it seems nat…Read More

  9. Is This Energy-Drainer Keeping You Stuck?

    It’s all around you, but you probably don’t even notice. It is a stealth energy-drainer, and it may be sabotaging your fitness goals. It’s called clutter and each of us has it in our lives. This can be physical clutter or mental clutter. The insidious nature of clutter is this: it establishes …Read More