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5280 Fitness and Sports Performance

Baseball & Softball

How Can 5280 Help You Become a Better Baseball/Softball Player

Softball and Baseball are explosive sports!

Whether it’s increasing your throwing velocity, improving your bat speed, or getting faster so you can steal more bags, being fast is an integral part of being a great baseball or softball player.
Beyond power and explosiveness, the rotational demands of softball and baseball can put a large amount of stress on the body. Whether it’s the hips and lower back, the shoulders or the elbows, if you don’t rotate well (or from the right areas), it’s probably a matter of time until your body breaks down.

At 5280 Fitness and Sports Performance, we want to help you become a player that is not only powerful and explosive, but one that has a powerful physique and is also resilient and doesn’t break down.

We use a three-step process to build better athletes:

  1. We assess your body in both an orthopedic and a sport-specific environment. Our goal is to figure out how you move, as well as your strengths and weaknesses so that we can create a program that is custom-built for you.

  2. We build an individualized program that is designed specifically for you. While the needs of all players are similar, you are an individual. As such, we create a program that takes into account your goals as an athlete, as well as the specific tools you need to take your athletic performance to the next level.

  3. We get you in the gym and coach you up! The best program on paper does nothing without proper coaching. With a keen eye for the details of every movement, our coaches oversee your performance to make sure that you’re getting the absolute most out of every set and every rep.

We can brag about ourselves and the success of our programs, but we prefer to let our athletes do the talking.

You have three options when training in for this program.

  1. Private

  2. Semi-private (small group of players that you put together)

  3. Team (we can train at your facility or ours)

  4. To schedule a consultation and to determine if 5280 Fitness and Sports Performance is a good fit for your team, please contact us today before our off-season schedule fills up.

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