Innovative Training = Extraordinary Results

If you’re looking to get your athlete to the next level then be sure to contact us right away! Individual, Group, and Team Training are available. Spots are limited so don’t wait any longer.

We use a systematic approach that will improve your performance for your sport and life. Our training style is designed to enhance your overall all Athletic Engine. We accomplish this by using three primary elements:

  • Combine Strength – Maximize your strength and power development by using high metabolic whole body exercises and methods.

  • Athletic Movement – Progressive strategies necessary to develop coordination, agility, deceleration, speed and quickness with a focus on movement precision and mechanical efficiency

  • Performance Balance – A training formula using ground-based, top-down and lever loaded balance challenges focused on neuromuscular feedback systems.


Registration is now open for middle and high school sessions!

Our classes are designed for young athletes who want to play or who are training to compete in their particular sport. We utilize the newest speed, agility and strength training methods specifically for young athletes.

5280 Fitness and Sports Performance programs are designed to build athletic strength for peak sports performance. Speed, quickness, total body strength and acceleration are a few of the components that these young athletes will achieve. By focusing on these components your athlete will stay injury free which will allow them more time on the field/court.


Take Your Team To The Next Level

5280 Fitness and Sports Performance offers team training for almost any sport. Team training is an exciting way to improve your team’s overall athletic ability. The team environment gives a unique and fun dynamic to working out. Teammates push each other to excel with the ultimate goal of improving team performance.

If you did not see the results you wanted this year then something has to change. Give yourself a competitive edge by working with one of the few Ignite360 training facilities in the area. Our programs are centered around the systematic approach of Combine Training which will improve your team’s on field performance, enhance each players ability, reduce injuries, and build team unity.

Contact us today to schedule your team!