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Your Daily Bible Devotional, Inspirational Message And Rejuvenating Workout That Will 

Set Your Soul On Fire

It Is No Accident You Found Us

Better yet, we found each other

We live in a world that is being over shadowed by negativity and bad influences.  It actually really boils down to over stimulation.  If you are going to teach a child to learn you do not put them in a room of flashing lights and different sounds.  It is unproductive.

Then whey do we place ourselves in this environment when we are trying to learn and improve ourselves.  

That is where Your Daily Fuel steps in. We consolidate everything you need within the first hour of the day.  Studies have shown the first hour of your day is your power hour. The hour when your mind is most open to new ideals and will set the tone for how you act and speak throughout the rest of the day.  

What makes Your Daily Fuel even greater is that we provide a community for you to connect with.  We do all this for one goal!  



Setting soul on fire is to stop just existing and start living, living for your passions, living for beautiful people in your life. Be excited for every new sunrise think how lucky you are to see this morning and make the most out of it. Let your soul burn in your failures and your achievements, always strive for beauty of excellence. Let your soul burn and never let it turn to ash. Keep in mind you have got one beautiful life decide how amazingly you want to live it. Be Happy be joyful. Live your life and make it large.

The good Lord has plans for you.  The question is are you going to follow them or resist and whine things are not going according to your plan.

You Decide

About Us

It is not our vision but the Lord's Plan

In 2012, we created a educational program in our local parish called Fit 4 Christ as part of our tithe.  It was designed to teach fellow Christians about nutrition, fitness and overall health.  It was great as we were able to serve our community.  At the time we were not sure what exactly we were doing except we knew we were being called to do something great.  

Fast forward to present day and that calling has continued to grow even stronger to make a bigger impact.  We believe technology is finally catching up to the vision that has been casted upon us.  

Since running our fitness company and having numerous conversations with individuals we feel the need to provide a daily workout is there.  A guided routine that delivers results alongside the need for daily devotional. 

We have always said that this is not our vision but that of the Lord's.  It is our job to deliver the message and make an impact.


Simple really!  Donate a $1/month.  That is right $1/month is all it takes to be part of everything we are offering.  Why only $1 and not $99/month or something similar.  Because we feel money should not be an obstacle for you to improve your life.  What we do here is what others charged hundreds and thousands over a year's time frame.  They try to inflate their price to inflate their own self image what they are worth.  Our hope is that you enjoy the program and you refer a friend.  Creating a movement only takes a few people moving in the same direction with the same purpose.

Get Started Today
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